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Ronda Hobby

Ronda Hobby has been with Barrett & Farahany since 2016, and she is the Managing Attorney for the firm's Case Evaluation Team. During 30 years of practicing law, Ronda Hobby has always believed that society should have a fair and equitable system that works for the greater good of all our citizens. Ronda believes that can be achieved through good laws backed up by impassioned people willing to fight to make sure that those laws are interpreted and enforced for the benefit of everyone. Ronda fights for the greater good on behalf of her clients and strives to help them in any way she can. She has a passion for employment law because of her desire to help people.

Before joining Barrett & Farahany in 2016, Ronda's practice spanned a variety of specialty areas, including surety defense, juvenile law, estate planning and general civil litigation. She also brings experience and knowledge in Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) taxation. Ronda has practiced law in federal, state and city courts all over the state of Georgia.

Ronda earned her law degree from Georgia State University and earned a Bachelor of Science in Public Administration, Political Science and Criminal Justice from Georgia College.

Ronda has been active in several civic organizations by serving on the board or by being an active member. The organizations she has served include the State Bar of Georgia, Western Circuit Bar Association of Georgia, Humane Society, Rotary Club, Elks Club, Utility Club, Habitat for Humanity, and the Methodist Church.

In her spare time, Ronda enjoys playing tennis, gardening and spending time with her family and pets. 



    I did my research before I selected this law firm. My husband was fired from his job for no good reason and she helped us from day one. We settled our case and we will always appreciate the help, respect, and care they give their clients. I recently recommended this firm to a friend and anyone el...

    I had just a small legal question about an ex-employer. I put in my information online, and someone called me back within in a couple of hours, listened to my story, and explained the situation very clearly to me. I received excellent advice from Barrett & Farahany about how to proceed with m...

    “Thank you for having such an effective listener as Attorney Ronda Hobby on your team. She actually listened to my situation and answered my questions with knowledge and concern for my present legal matter. She was a Godsend. Thank you Ronda!” S.G. Although I do not have a viable case, the att...

    I like the human contact from your company. The other company have you to answer questions first and [they] will be in touch. I like that I spoke to someone, and I was immediately set an appointment. I was given compassion and care during a difficult time even though the company did not handle my...

    I emailed Barrett & Farahany and within an hour I received a call from Ronda Hobby. She was amazing! Ronda went above and beyond expectation and took a personal interest. She answered all of my questions, offered feedback and legal advice going forward. S.C. Rhonda was awesome, polite, and...

    Rhonda was amazing! G.S. "The Law Firm is not representing me at this time. I will definitely call back if I need a Law Firm in my corner. After speaking with Ms. Ronda Hobby, I have the courage to move forward with the valuable information learned. Again, thank you.” Anonymous I love the fac...

    Of 5 emails to potential representation, only 2 responded. Ronda Hobby is excellent! She was very patient, thorough in her explanation of the law regarding sexual harassment. If we need to move forward at a later date, we will absolutely contact Ms. Hobby - she is exceptional and in a league of h...

    This was the first firm contacted. I spoke with an attorney on Just Ask as well. He was very nice but nothing like Ronda with your firm. She was so engaged and patient. What a lovely human being. Ronda was fantastic. It made me feel so much better to have her listen to my situation and offer seve...

    Rhonda H. is so amazing! Super helpful, knowledgeable, and caring. Thank you! - G.M. The only person I dealt with at this firm was Ronda Hobby but if her professionalism and courtesy is indicative of the firm in general then Barrett & Farahany are about as good as it gets. I had a very deli...
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    I spoke with someone who helped me to start the proper paperwork for my claim. She was very informative and sent me the links to get started. I'm glad I called and this is who I will hire in the future for my claim and refer my friends to.


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