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Ronda Hobby

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Atlanta Employment Law Attorney

Ronda Hobby began working with Barrett & Farahany in October 2016. Ronda has been practicing law for 30 years. Prior to starting with Barrett & Farahany, Ronda's practice spanned a variety of specialty areas, including surety defense, juvenile law, estate planning and general civil litigation. Ronda also brings expertise in the area of ERISA taxation. Her diverse legal experience has afforded her the opportunity to practice in federal, state and city courts all over the state of Georgia. She has a passion for employment law because she loves to help people.

Ronda has served on many boards as well as holding membership in several organizations and very active in many civic organizations, including State Bar of Georgia, Western Circuit Bar Association of Georgia, Humane Society, Rotary club, Elks club and Habitat for Humanity.

Ronda earned her Bachelor of Science in Public Administration, Political Science and Criminal Justice in 1983 from Georgia College. She earned her J.D. degree from Georgia State University in 1986. In her spare time, Ronda enjoys playing tennis, gardening and spending time with her family and pets.


  • EXACTLY who I needed to be speaking with!

    Though I rated my "overall satisfaction" as "highly satisfied", I am disappointed that I couldn't have your firm represent me. The lady I spoke with was EXACTLY who I needed to be speaking with!”
  • Knowledge of the law.

    Ronda was amazing! She listened. Although she said I had some work to do. I appreciated her knowledge of the law as it pertained to my situation. Thank you Ronda!
  • Knowledge and concern.

    “Thank you for having such an effective listener as Attorney Rhonda Hobby on your team. She actually listened to my situation and answered my questions with knowledge and concern for my present legal matter. She was a God-send. Thank you Rhonda!”
  • Wonderful & Compassionate.

    Ms. Hobby was wonderful and compassionate. Even though they weren't able to assist me, she represented this law firm very well. I would DEFINITELY contact them again in the future!!
  • Engaged and patient.

    This was the first firm contacted. I spoke with an attorney on Just Ask as well. He was very nice but nothing like Ronda with your firm. She was so engaged and patient. What a lovely human being. Ronda was fantastic. It made me feel so much better to have her listen to my situation and offer seve...
  • Straightforward, valuable information I could use.

    I love the fact that I was able to speak with someone the same day as my inquiry and didn't feel like I was being sold anything. I was given straightforward, valuable information that I could use and didn't feel rushed.
  • Professional & empathetic.

    Ronda Hobby is very professional with empathy and very specific. She took the time to hear me and went above and beyond to help me. Ronda is definitely an asset to your firm. 
  • Relief - now I can move forward.

    Ms. Ronda gave my mind relief about my current situation. The answers to my questions were precisely on point. Now I can move forward with my decisions. Thank you very much.
  • Listened attentively, explained the law.

    Rhonda Hobby was wonderful. She listened attentively, and explained the law as it applied to my situation. She told me what she'd do in my situation, and answered all my questions. I would definitely retain her as my attorney!
  • Kind, courteous & informative.

    Thank you for your kind, courteous and informative level of extensive knowledge and professionalism.The other firms I contacted were very short with their response to me and my situation; they didn't provide any basic preliminary information. Let alone telling me I didn't have a case because they...
  • Professional, sincere and straightforward.

    Of 5 emails to potential representation, only 2 responded. Ronda Hobby is excellent! She was very patient, thorough in her explanation of the law regarding sexual harassment. If we need to move forward at a later date, we will absolutely contact Ms. Hobby - she is exceptional and in a league of h...
  • Insightful advice on how to move forward.

    Although I do not have a viable case, the attorney gave me some very insightful advice on how to move forward with my employment concerns.
  • Incredibly helpful, gave me full attention.

    Ronda was great! I appreciate her time and honesty regarding my situation. She was incredibly helpful and gave me her full attention during the time of our call. I was pleasantly surprised at the service I received. Thank you!
  • Valuable Information.

    I'm thankful for the time taken to provide valuable information on moving forward with my matter. I'm very thankful for her time listening and encouraging me.
  • Answered all of my questions, offered feedback & legal advice.

    I emailed Barrett & farahany and within an hour I received a call from Ronda Hobby. She was amazing! Ronda went above and beyond expectation and took a personal interest. She answered all of my questions, offered feedback and legal advice going forward.
  • Took time to listen to my concerns.

    I would like to really thank Ronda Hobby for her taking the time to listen to my concerns.  
  • Excellent guidance.

    I am very grateful to have spoken with Ronda about my situation. She was kind, empathetic and provided excellent guidance. I now have a much better idea how to proceed. Thank you so much Ronda!
  • Best experience.

    This was the best experience i've ever had with an attorney's office.
  • Awesome, polite & professional.

    Rhonda was awesome, polite, and professional.
  • Quick response - and on a Friday, too!

    Response was very quick and efficient and on a Friday too! Ronda could not have been more patient. At no time did I feel rushed which I truly appreciated.
  • Amazing!

    Rhonda was amazing!
  • Great information to make the best decision.

    Ronda really listened to me and I felt like she really understood my objectives and concerns. She gave me great information to make the best decision in my particular case. Thank you!  
  • Feedback & suggestions for resolution.

    While your firm was unable to help me, I was given feedback on ways to move forward, suggestions for who to contact, and what my claim will be for the easiest resolution to this situation. Thank you!
  • Really appreciate the assistance.

    You were not the first office I contacted, however, your attorney staff (Ronda Hobby) provided me extensive detail and guidelines to follow-- once it was a determination that my needs could not be met with your office. I really appreciate the assistance.
  • Informative & Caring.

    Very informative and the attorney was very human and caring.
  • Knowledgeable, informative and professional.

    Ronda was very knowledgeable of the law, informative, and professional. I greatly appreciate her expertise.  
  • I felt valued and heard.

    I appreciated Ronda's compassion on the phone. I felt valued and heard.
  • Compassionate & Understanding.

    Ronda Hobby was very companionate and understanding. She was very knowledgeable and made me very comfortable to talk to her. I really appreciate her time and her genuine concern. We need more people like her in this world. Thanks for everything!
  • Excellent advice, kind & professional.

    I had just a small legal question about an ex-employer. I put in my information online, and someone called me back within in a couple of hours, listened to my story, and explained the situation very clearly to me. I received excellent advice from Barrett & Farahany about how to proceed with m...
  • Compassion and expert legal advice.

    The Law Firm is not representing me at this time. I will definitely call back if I need a Law Firm in my corner. After speaking with Ms. Ronda Hobby, I have the courage to move forward with the valuable information learned. Again, thank you.”
  • Courtesy & Professionalism.

    I only contacted one other firm, which never returned my call. I appreciate the courtesy and professionalism. Very timely, which is a must in these types of situations. Although they could not assist directly (since Corporation is headquartered in Florida), they provided a reference for me same-day.


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