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Client Testimonials are the Opinions that Matter Most

At Barrett & Farahany, our core focus is Justice at Work™, and for more than 20 years, our knowledgeable attorneys have successfully advised and represented individuals with employment claims. When it comes to measuring success, there is no better metric than client satisfaction, which our client reviews can attest to.

Professional While Also Extremely "Real"

I spoke with multiple law firms before deciding to choose Barrett & Farahany. I have never pursued a lawsuit of any kind and was nervous about the entire process. I sought legal help due to sexual harassment/assault, the manipulation of the hours I had worked with my employer, and a couple other things. Georgia is not a state that protects the employee and instead protects the employer much more.

Victoria Williamson was very professional while also being extremely “real” and easy to open up to and communicate with. She also kept me in the loop of things via email, phone calls, and texts messages. After much consideration and even more communication with Victoria, we decided to settle because it made the most sense financially. There were several counter offers in my case and Victoria made absolutely certain that I was aware of them all and made the final decision.

I honestly cannot say enough about Victoria and how much she helped me, financially, mentally, and even emotionally. There was not a single moment that I felt like I was not being heard by her. I cannot speak for all the attorneys, but I know my case was handled with professionalism, communication, and transparency. Victoria is a lovely human being and attorney!

- L.J.

High Level of Professionalism and Skill

I want to express my extreme satisfaction with the very high level of professionalism and skill that I’ve experienced from everyone who has been handling my case. The thoroughness and detail in the documents that have been submitted to the court are very impressive. I can tell that the lawyers involved in my case (A.J. Lakraj and Benjamin Stark) are very committed to what they do and put a great deal of thought into their decisions. Diana Howe has also been of great help and is always exceptionally quick in returning e-mails to me.

What I like best about my experience with this firm and the staff mentioned is that I feel like my opinions are valued. Even though I probably express those opinions/thoughts far too often and ask a ton of questions, I always get the answers I need. I am very thankful for that. My thoughts on the case aren’t just simply ignored or labeled as unimportant. The attorneys actually give them thought and weigh them against the case to determine how effective they would be. I feel like a part of the process and not just stuck sitting on the sidelines while someone else makes all the decisions.
Even if my case doesn’t conclude in my favor I would still speak highly of those who have been working with me. I don’t believe it could be done any better.

I would absolutely recommend this firm to anyone else. Especially if the quality of service and professionalism provided by A.J., Benjamin and Diana is equal to all of those employed by the firm.

- R.C.

Fought Hard for Me

Aaron [Maduff] is the best lawyer I've ever had. He fought hard for me and my rights, and was upfront and honest about my case. He helped me through a rough battle. [...] He's by far the most amazing lawyer. He's great at what he does and never let me down.

- B.J.

Most Caring and Compassionate Individuals One Could Meet

The legal team of Amanda Farahany, Benjamin Stark and Beth Barrett handled my case along with two other attorneys to ensure a positive outcome. These people are not only exceptionally professional attorneys, well trained in their legal discipline, but they are also the some of the most caring and compassionate individuals one could meet. If you ever find yourself in a place where you need an attorney to handle a labor related issue, then this is the firm to visit. I know you will be pleased.

- J.C.

First-Class Law Firm

Barrett & Farahany is a first-class law firm with extraordinarily engaged, bright, passionate attorneys. Amanda Farahany is a world-class lawyer and leader. If you need an employment attorney, this should be your first call.

- B.K.

Help, Respect, and Care

I did my research before I selected this law firm. My husband was fired from his job for no good reason and she helped us from day one. We settled our case and we will always appreciate the help, respect, and care they give their clients. I recently recommended this firm to a friend and anyone else who needs an attorney in this field.

- Former Client

Each Member of the Team Has Been Great

I feel very lucky to have found Barrett & Farahany. During my case, I have dealt with five attorneys, one paralegal, and an intern. Each member of the team has been great at meeting the legal challenges of my former employer, while treating me well.

- J.C.

Care About Their Clients and Get Justice for Them!

Barrett and Farahany care about their clients and getting justice for them!

- J.H.

This Firm is great with pointing you in the right direction concerning your legal matters.

- G.M.

I have full confidence in my representation. I am currently thankful that Amanda Farahany’s talent champions my cause.

- A.M.

I love this firm, everyone here is nice!!! They are extremely kind and helpful!! Amanda and Rhonda are awesome!!! This firm will always be my first choice and my recommendation to everyone else!!!

- K.H.

Kind, Courteous & Informative.

Thank you for your kind, courteous and informative level of extensive knowledge and professionalism. The other firms I contacted were very short with their response to me and my situation; they didn’t provide any basic preliminary information. Let alone telling me I didn’t have a case because they didn’t stand a chance to make any money from my case. Should I need legal representation in the future, you’re my “Go To” firm.

- Anonymous

Very Professional and Supportive

I needed a professional to explain my rights and Latisha was very professional and supportive of the matter in guiding me to the options available. Thank you!

- L.R.

Attorney Roebuck listened attentively to my case, expressed empathy, explained the law as it relates to protected classes and advised me of my options.

- E.D.

Thank you for your help! I think that your firm is a wonderful firm from my phone experience. We need more law firms like yours that care.

- L.B.

Just letting you know this was the most helpful, no stress when all I have dealt with is stress. Amazing

- B.H.

Clear Communication. Compassionate.

I would like to thank Latisha R. for her clear communication. She spoke with complete understanding of the Law and our situation. Very professional and with sincere compassion and clear explanations. Thank you.

- S.B.

Ms. Roebuck was great! She explained the law thoroughly and was a good listener who showed compassion. Even though I did not pursue a case, I would consider contacting your firm again because of it he way she addressed my situation.

- R.C.

Ronda really listened to me and I felt like she really understood my objectives and concerns. She gave me great information to make the best decision in my particular case. Thank you!

- K.S.

Great To Work With

Very, very pleased. The entire team at B&F (and especially Tremain Mattress) was great to work with. As someone who has practiced Human Resources for 30+ years, it was reassuring that I was in the hands of an employment law expert. I would recommend this firm to any individual who has been a victim of an unscrupulous employer. It happens.

- Former Client

Very pleased with all their hard work towards my case and the constant updates! I will refer them if I find someone in need of their services

- M.F.

Thank you for everything!! I truly appreciate all you have done for me and the support you have been through this entire process. I couldn’t have picked a better firm to work with. Thank you again.

- C.D.

Severin went above and beyond to ensure justice was served! I appreciate all his team’s hard work!!! I’d definitely recommend them to anyone who is seeking professional advice and compensation!!

- T.H.

I was fortunate to have the privilege of working with Aaron Maduff through a personal situation. He was both professional and personable given my concerns. He was very informative and communicative. I would highly suggest B&F for your needs.

- A.H.

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