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Kathy Harrington-Sullivan


Partner at Barrett & Farahany

Kathy Harrington Sullivan is a Partner at Barrett & Farahany and also manages the firm's case evaluation team. Because knowledge truly is power, Kathy and the Atlanta employment attorneys on her team regularly consult with and empower potential clients by helping them to understand the law, clarifying what their rights are as employees, and determining what steps they can take to protect themselves and their jobs.

Prior to joining Barrett & Farahany in July 2015, Kathy was a practicing patent attorney and also volunteered with a variety of local & national legal organizations, including the Georgia Association for Women Lawyers (GAWL), Atlanta Volunteer Lawyers Foundation (AVLF), Atlanta Legal Aid Society, and the CARA Pro Bono Asylum/Immigration Project.

Kathy has been an active member of the Georgia Association for Women Lawyers (GAWL) and is also a member of the Labor & Employment section of the Atlanta Bar Association. She holds a J.D. from Mercer University School of Law, a B.S. with Highest Honors in Electrical & Computer Engineering from The Georgia Institute of Technology, and a B.S. in Nursing from Georgia College. In addition to being a Georgia-licensed attorney, Kathy is also a Registered Nurse, a trained Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) investigator, and a mediator registered with the Georgia Office of Dispute Resolution. Kathy has mediated numerous court cases, including civil cases, divorce and child custody cases, and juvenile delinquency and deprivation cases.

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  • Caring nature.

    I simply want to thank attorney Kathy Harrrington Sullivan for her time, caring nature, and referral. Thanks so much.
  • Appreciated the personal touch.

    Everyone wanted to me to go to their website to fill out information. I appreciated the personal touch from Kathy Harrington-Sullivan who made me feel that she cared about my situation all the while being realistic and up front about my chances of winning or not.
  • Amazing advocates!

    I cannot thank Kathy enough! I have to say, since the onset of the claim, and the retaliation, you were an amazing advocate for me and my daughter! You extended an honest assessment of the situation and really gave me the comfort and confidence for a resolution. Severin and Linda expedited this c...
  • Genuinely interested in my case.

    The attorney I spoke with was genuinely interested in my case. She contacted me shortly after I got in touch with her and spoke with me at length. She also consulted with another attorney in their offices. Although they were not able to take my case, I had a very positive experience with them.
  • I will absolutely call back if I feel I need a Good Firm.

    Even though I will not be represented by you this time (no case), I will absolutely call back if I feel I need a Good Firm to represent me. GRACIAS.  
  • Very clear guidance.

    Thank you Kathy Harrington Sullivan. Kathy spoke to me twice before and after filing a charge with EEOC. Even [though] she did not take my case, she provided me with a very clear guidance. It is very helpful. I really appreciated her time, patience, and professionalism.    
  • Very knowledgeable.

    Kathy was very knowledgeable, sincere, and helpful. She showed true concern and compassion.
  • This firm is great.

    This Firm is great with pointing you in the right direction concerning your legal matters.
  • Ethics and Empathy.

    Reaching out and actually getting someone who cares is rare. I did just this yesterday and was fortunate to hear back from Kathy Harrington-Sullivan, an attorney with Barrett and Farahany, who absolutely made me understand the difference between a great lawyer and a lawyer who hasn't the time to ...
  • Experienced, responsive, knowledgeable & honest.

    Kathy Harrington Sullivan has provided legal advice and guidance during a difficult situation. I found her to be experienced, responsive, knowledgable and honest. While speaking with Kathy, I felt as though my situation was in adept and trustworthy hands, and she did not steer me wrong. I would h...
  • I wish I would've called you guys earlier.

    I would like to say that Kathy Sullivan is an outstanding employee who is very knowledgeable and caring. She listened and directed me on how I should handle my situation. I wish I would've called you guys earlier. However if need be I will definitely call again.
  • Good insight & valuable information.

    “Ms Harrington Sullivan was very kind and listened to me attentively She provided me with good insight and valuable information I am grateful.”
  • Truthful and transparent, kind and supportive.

    I just want to take a moment to extend my gratitude to Amanda, the founder of Barrett & Farahany and the staff she employs. I had the pleasure of speaking with Kathy Sullivan this afternoon. Kathy and I "played phone tag" for a day, however, she continued to follow up with me until we had the...
  • Steered me in the right direction.

    Even though my situation was not a good match for your firm, Ms. Sullivan evaluated my situation and steered me in the right direction.
  • Honest opportunity to be heard.

    It is much appreciated when people who are subjected to unlawful workplace discrimination are given an honest opportunity to be heard, especially when this abuse is documented.
  • Knowledge, compassion & honesty.

    Kathy's knowledge and compassion as well as honesty were deeply appreciated.


When you reach out to us, you will receive a complimentary consultation with one of our skilled Atlanta employment attorneys. During our initial consultation with you, we can help you to better understand your rights and will work with you to determine what course of action is in your best interest. We take great pride in providing assistance based on years of experience negotiating and litigating employment matters to protect employee interests. If you find yourself in need of dedicated legal representation, we are prepared to advocate on your behalf – our goal is always to protect employee victims of harassment, discrimination, and retaliation.