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Justice At Work is a monthly radio broadcast on Business RadioX hosted by Barrett & Farahany partners Amanda Farahany & Kathy Harrington Sullivan. In each episode, we and our featured guests strive to empower employees through education and information about their rights in the workplace and beyond. 

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September - FFCRA & ADA

Attorneys Kathy Harrington Sullivan & Adian Miller talk about what the Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA) means for employees now that schools and businesses are reopening. They'll also discuss the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and considerations for employees with medical conditions who may need leave or accommodations. Stay tuned for more info!

July - Wrongful Death & Serious Injury

Kathy Harrington-Sullivan speaks with Michael S. Wilensky, Lead Litigator of the Wrongful Death / Serious Injury Litigation Team at Barrett & Farahany. Together, they explain what legal help is available to you if your family has experienced a wrongful death or if you or a family member have suffered a serious injury. 

June - Race Discrimination in the Workplace

Kathy Harrington-Sullivan speaks with Managing Partner Amanda Farahany and Todd Stanton, Principal of Stanton law, about race discrimination in the workplace. Together, they examine the nationwide conversation on racism and how that is affecting the workplace for both employers and employees. 

May - Workers' Compensation

Kathy Harrington-Sullivan interviews Laura Reis, Principal of Reis Law, LLC, about workers' compensation laws in Georgia and how they impact employees. Kathy and Laura cut through the red tape and make workers' compensation much easier for you to understand.

March - COVID-19

Our inaugural show on Business RadioX was on Wednesday, March 25th. Partners Amanda Farahany and Kathy Harrington Sullivan discussed COVID-19 and what it could mean for employees and businesses in the months to come. Listen below. 


BF Radio Show

Your Rights as a Georgia Worker During COVID-19

In this debut episode of "Justice At Work", Partners Amanda Farahany and Kathy Harrington-Sullivan, discussed your rights as a Georgia worker during COVID-19, the recent "Stay At Home" order by Atlanta Mayor Keisha Bottoms, and COVID-19 resources available to you.

Host: Amanda Farahany
Guest: Kathy Harrington-Sullivan

Date of Broadcast: 03/25/2020

Listen Here


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