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Justice At Work is a monthly broadcast presented to you by Barrett & Farahany, hosted by Amanda Farahany. This show will provide listeners with essential information and insight about employment law, educate employees about their rights, and how to handle workplace challenges. Throughout the show, you will also hear featured guests weigh in on issues and provide invaluable expertise on employment law. For news, updates, and educational resources follow us on Facebook at Barrett & Farahany and Twitter at @barrettfarahany. Our show's hashtag is #justiceatwork!

First Show Details

Please listen to our inaugural radio show, was on Wednesday, March 25th with Business Radio X. Partners Amanda Farahany and Kathy Harrington Sullivan will had a live discussion about COVID-19, You don't want to miss it!

BF Radio Show

Your Rights as a Georgia Worker During COVID-19

In this debut episode of "Justice At Work", Partners Amanda Farahany and Kathy Harrington-Sullivan, discuss your rights as a Georgia worker during COVID-19, the recent "Stay At Home" order by Atlanta Mayor Keisha Bottoms, and COVID-19 resources available to you.

Host: Amanda Farahany
Guest: Kathy Harrington-Sullivan

Date of Broadcast: 03/25/2020

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