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Justice at Work Podcast


Justice At Work is a bimonthly podcast hosted by Barrett & Farahany attorneys. In each episode, we and our featured guests strive to empower employees through education and information about their rights in the workplace and beyond. 

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What Vaccine Mandates Mean For You

Vaccination shots are becoming mandatory for certain workers. Many of you have been sharing your concern about this mandate with us. In this episode of the podcast, Kira Fonteneau shares the answers to your most common questions. Find out more in this episode of the Justice at Work podcast, with Kira Fonteneau.

Racial Harassment At Home—What Should You Do?

If your neighbors are harassing you to leave your home because of your race, it can feel like you have limited options. Police officers rarely take this sort of harassment seriously, but at Barrett & Farahany, we do. Find out what your legal options are in this episode of Justice at Work, with Matt Billips. In this episode of the Justice at Work podcast, Matthew Billips discusses the significance of the ADA's move and its likely impact on future EEOC guidance.

August 2021 - Why the ADA'S Guidance on Long COVID is Significant

Even though the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has yet to address long (chronic) COVID and workers, recently issued Americans with Disabilities Act guidance could create opportunities for employees with long-hauler symptoms to seek accommodation.  The ADA guidance notes that long COVID can be a disability in certain circumstances. In this episode of the Justice at Work podcast, Grace Starling discusses the significance of the ADA's move and its likely impact on future EEOC guidance.

July 2021 - Actions you Can Take to Protect your Job During the Pandemic

With the surge of the Delta variant, Covid in the workplace is again top of mind for many folks. Early research has shown that women and other at-risk employees have been disproportionately affected by job loss since the pandemic's start. In this episode of Justice at Work, Adian Miller discusses some of the things we can do to protect our jobs during a time of uncertainty.

June 2021 - Should You Be Getting Paid Overtime?

Overtime isn't just for hourly workers. In this Justice at Work podcast, Severin Roberts discusses common overtime wage violations and shares tips for identifying whether you could be eligible for overtime pay.

May 2021 - Don't Let Fear of Rejection Hold you Back from Exploring an Employment Lawsuit

Not every employment law case will yield a sizable settlement or even be accepted by an attorney. But fear of rejection shouldn't keep you from speaking to a lawyer about your employer's actions and the probability of a viable case. In this latest episode of the Justice at Work podcast, Adian Miller discusses seven reasons why a case might be rejected and what you can learn from each, as well as a few alternatives for obtaining employer accountability and possible restitution. 

April 2021 - Depositions Demystified: What are they and what to expect?

The Hollywood depiction of a deposition is usually a highly dramatic affair in which some new revelation comes to light that makes or breaks the case. Although they can sometimes be filled with drama, the truth is that they're usually mundane and formal. On this episode of the Justice at Work podcast, Zachary Panter is joined by Catherine Gavrilidis to talk about the reality of depositions. They walk through the specifics of what the meeting seeks to accomplish and what you can expect if you're a part of one.

March 2021 - Equal Pay: It's the Law

What is the Equal Pay Act of 1963 and how does it protect both women and men? In this latest episode of the Justice at Work podcast, attorneys Grace Starling and Catherine Gavrilidis define equal pay and talk about ways employees can advocate for themselves under the law.

February 2021 - Can your Employer Mandate the COVID Vaccine?

In the newest Justice at Work podcast, attorney Grace Starling discusses employer-mandated vaccines. Listen to find out if they're legal under EEOC guidelines, and to find out what your options are.

January 2021 - Frequently Asked Questions Answered by Kathy Harrington-Sullivan

In the January 2021 edition of the Justice at Work Podcast, Attorney Kathy Harrington-Sullivan answers frequently asked questions that clients are asking when considering opening a case.


The October edition of Justice at Work on Business Radio X is up. Attorney Kathy Harrington Sullivan & Eric Santos, Executive Director of North Georgia LITC help explain what each presidential candidate is proposing as Election Day draws near.

September - FFCRA & ADA

Attorneys Kathy Harrington Sullivan & Adian Miller talk about what the Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA) means for employees now that schools and businesses are reopening. They'll also discuss the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and considerations for employees with medical conditions who may need leave or accommodations. Stay tuned for more info!

July - Wrongful Death & Serious Injury

Kathy Harrington-Sullivan speaks with Michael S. Wilensky, Lead Litigator of the Wrongful Death / Serious Injury Litigation Team at Barrett & Farahany. Together, they explain what legal help is available to you if your family has experienced a wrongful death or if you or a family member have suffered a serious injury. 

June - Race Discrimination in the Workplace

Kathy Harrington-Sullivan speaks with Managing Partner Amanda Farahany and Todd Stanton, Principal of Stanton law, about race discrimination in the workplace. Together, they examine the nationwide conversation on racism and how that is affecting the workplace for both employers and employees. 

May - Workers' Compensation

Kathy Harrington-Sullivan interviews Laura Reis, Principal of Reis Law, LLC, about workers' compensation laws in Georgia and how they impact employees. Kathy and Laura cut through the red tape and make workers' compensation much easier for you to understand.

March - COVID-19

Our inaugural show on Business RadioX was on Wednesday, March 25th. Partners Amanda Farahany and Kathy Harrington Sullivan discussed COVID-19 and what it could mean for employees and businesses in the months to come. Listen below. 


Your Rights as a Georgia Worker During COVID-19

In this debut episode of "Justice At Work", Partners Amanda Farahany and Kathy Harrington-Sullivan, discussed your rights as a Georgia worker during COVID-19, the recent "Stay At Home" order by Atlanta Mayor Keisha Bottoms, and COVID-19 resources available to you.

Host: Amanda Farahany
Guest: Kathy Harrington-Sullivan

Date of Broadcast: 03/25/2020

Listen Here


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