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July - Wrongful Death & Serious Injury

Justice at Work

Wrongful Death & Serious Injury Law

In this episode of Justice at Work, Partner Kathy Harrington-Sullivan interviews Michael S. Wilensky, the Lead Litigator of the Wrongful Death / Serious Injury Litigation Team at Barrett & Farahany. Michael's practice is devoted to representing clients who have sustained serious injuries or who have suffered the loss of a loved one through wrongful death. 

The firm's personal injury team has resolved hundreds of cases where the client has suffered a serious injury, including injuries to the brain, spine (neck and back), spinal cord, shoulders, knees, ankles, and more extensive injuries that have resulted in amputation, paralysis or burns.

Kathy and Michael will discuss: 

  • What is wrongful death and serious injury under the law?
  • What are some of the most common causes of serious injuries?
  • Does your automobile insurance cover serious injuries?
  • What is chiropractic malpractice?
  • What is being done to help residents of nursing and long-term care homes,

Kathy and Michael will help to make Wrongful Death & Serious Injury matters easier for you to understand.

Wrongful Death & Serious Injury Law

Kathy and Michael discuss wrongful death and serious injury and the legal ramifications if you or your family has been affected.

Host: Kathy Harrington Sullivan
Guest: Michael Wilensky

Date of Broadcast: 07/15/2020

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