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Effects of a Hostile Work Environment

Effects of a Hostile Work Environment

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Few things are worse for an employee than dealing with a hostile work environment. If you have been the victim of a hostile work environment, or believe that you are the victim of toxic actions and behaviors not benefiting your workplace, Barrett & Farahany can help. Our employment law attorneys can help you obtain justice and compensation for the unlawful work environment you’ve been subjected to.

Actions and Behaviors That Create a Hostile Work Environment

Hostile work environments don’t develop overnight. They begin when employers start allowing and sometimes encouraging questionable actions and behaviors in the workplace. Certain actions set the tone of your work environment, and leave room for worse things to come.

  1. Harassment is when someone is treated unreasonably because of their race, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, disability, or other protected characteristic. This includes more than just verbal harassment, but physical harassment as well. You can report this behavior even if you are not the intended target.
  2. Bullying is repeated and unreasonable behavior towards a specific person or group of people. This does not have to include harassment or conduct regarding someone’s protected characteristics to be bullying.
  3. Discrimination is when someone is treated unfairly at work because of who they are. This is against the law.
  4. Sexual Harassment includes unwelcome and/or inappropriate verbal remarks of a sexual nature. Physical advances are considered sexual harassment as well. This behavior in the workplace is illegal.
  5. Exclusion can take many forms. Someone can be excluded from important meetings, promotion opportunities, job interviews, and/or social gatherings in a way that’s targeted and illegal.
  6. Overworking is where only specific people are forced to work overtime. This is a common sign of a toxic workplace.
  7. Sabotage occurs when someone intentionally harms your chances of being promoted. This can happen even if it’s justified as competition.
  8. Retaliation is any negative employment action taken against you by your employer after you report illegal actions or make a complaint against a hostile work environment.

Effects of a Hostile Work Environment

Hostile work environments don’t lead to productive workplaces and businesses. When people are being abused or threatened, it can lead to various negative effects on the workplace. This includes:

  1. Decreased productivity: Less will be completed as people lose motivation or spend time stressing over the next toxic behavior they will be subjected to or witness.
  2. Increased Absenteeism: People will find more and more reasons to avoid being at work when they work in a toxic environment.
  3. High Turnover Rates: Workers will not tolerate toxic workplaces forever. Eventually, they will find a new place of employment free of the unlawful behaviors and actions of a hostile work environment.
  4. Damage to Company Reputation: Hostile work environments don’t go unnoticed. People will hear about it and avoid working for a business with a poor reputation.
  5. Legal Consequences: Employees who have been the victims of hostile work environments can and should file a lawsuit against their employers, which can open an employer up to government investigation.
  6. Negative Impact on Employee Health: The abuse employees face in a toxic work environment stays with them. It can have a long-term effect on their mental health, even with therapy.

Contact Barrett & Farahany For Help If You are the Victim of a Toxic Work Environment

No one should have to suffer the indignity and abuse of toxic work environments. Don’t suffer in silence. The attorneys at Barrett & Farahany can help you report your employer to the proper authorities. Then we can help you get the compensation you deserve. To schedule a consultation and learn more about your case, contact us today.


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