Sexual Harassment Bill HB 1121 is in DANGER of being TABLED!

Sexual Harassment Bill HB 1121 is in DANGER of being TABLED!

Sexual Harassment Bill HB 1121 is in danger of being tabled, please help us keep it on the agenda for a vote TODAY!
We were overjoyed last night when we learned that HB 1121 was on the agenda for a vote today, only to find this morning that The Metro Atlanta Chamber has come out AGAINST the bill and is actively trying to table it.
You can help by taking a few minutes right now to email each and every rep on the committee (listed below) and ask that they stick to the plan and vote on the bill TODAY.
HB 1121 is a sexual harassment bill that will give greater protection to Georgia employees who are victims of sexual harassment. HB 1121 will clarify what is and is sexual harassment, and will hold harassers individually accountable for their actions!  You can read the current version of HB1121 here.
Please contact ALL representatives below and urge them to vote on HB1121 TODAY!
Trey Kelley 404.656.5024
Mandi Ballinger 404.656.7153
William Boddie 404.656.5058
James Burchett 404.656.0188
J. Collins 404.657.1803
Chuck Efstration 404.656.5105
Barry Fleming 404.656.5125
Houston Gaines 404.656.0325
Gerald Greene 404.656.5105
Scott Holcomb 404.656.6372
Martin Momtahan 404.656.0177
Bonnie Rich 404.656.5087
Mary Oliver 404.656.0265
Calvin Smyre 404.656.0109
Andrew Welch 404.656.5912
Thank you again for helping us as we try to expand protections for Georgia employees!

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