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Barrett & Farahany Featured in SHRM Article on Employee Benefits

Posted by Unknown | Jun 10, 2020

The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) featured Barrett & Farahany in an article on its very popular website entitled “Smaller Employers Add a Personal Touch to Well-Being Benefits.”

The article looked at differences in the benefits between large and small companies. 

The article stated: “Small employers, such as those with 100 or fewer workers, may be able to offer benefits with greater personalization, such as targeted worksite wellness programs that reflect the fitness activities employees say they'd prefer. . . while larger employers may have more resources at their disposal, they may not have the same opportunity to connect with employees and understand their needs and to offer the personalized benefits and experiences that workers may value.” 

Barrett & Farahany Partner Kathy Harrington-Sullivan, commenting on the differences in benefits and how they are managed, said, "it really depends on the employer rather than the size." 

Kathy further explained, "Thanks to our managing partner and her interest in making this the best place to work that it can be, our benefits are amazing. Additionally, we have and have had for years the capacity and the technology to work entirely remotely, so it has been business as usual for us throughout the duration of the pandemic." 

Kathy also noted that right now, "the most important question on people's minds might be, 'Does this employer care about my health and continued well-being at work, and does the workspace and the employer's best practices reflect that?'" 

When it comes down to deciding which company to work for, employees do take benefits into account. Bigger doesn't always mean better.

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