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What Do You Do If You’re Being Discriminated Against at Work?

What Do You Do If You’re Being Discriminated Against at Work?

Although federal law prohibits discriminating against workers based on a number of factors, it still happens, as a discrimination lawyer in Atlanta GA can tell you. At Barrett & Farahany, LLP, we have helped many individuals get justice after they have been treated unfairly in the workplace. If you believe you are being discriminated at work, you don’t have to stand for it. Here are some of the things you can do:

Let Your Employer Know

Do not be afraid to inform your employer that you feel you are being discriminated against. Many victims of discrimination don’t stand up for themselves, so this behavior often goes unpunished. Ask to meet with your employer or Human Resources representative and tell him or her exactly how you feel. Be sure to document this conversation afterward, taking note of what was said, when, and where. You may need to submit this information to a discrimination lawyer in Atlanta GA if you decided to pursue legal action.

Keep a Journal

Even before you confront anyone, it’s good to keep track of all incidents of discrimination in a journal. Make sure to include the date, time, location, people involved and exactly what was said. Write down this information as soon as possible so that you don’t forget any details.

Keep Evidence of Discrimination

It is important to keep copies of evidence of discrimination in your records. For example, if one of your co-workers left you a note on your desk that said derogatory things about your ethnicity, you should definitely keep it in a safe place. If you have to file a discrimination claim in the future, this evidence may help prove your case. When you hire a discrimination lawyer in Atlanta GA, they will need to see the evidence that you’ve collected.

Look at Your Company’s Anti-Discrimination Policy

Another thing you should do is review your company’s anti-discrimination policy. If your company acknowledges in writing that it will not tolerate any discrimination in the workplace, it may help you. Be sure to get a copy of this policy. When you talk to a discrimination lawyer Atlanta GA locals recommend, they will need to see it.

Don’t Quit

While it can be extremely difficult to work in an environment where you are being discriminated against, you should refrain from quitting your job. If you do, it may be much more difficult to win a settlement. However, document how their behavior is affecting you, and your ability to satisfactorily perform your job. An Atlanta discrimination lawyer will take this into account when seeking damages on your behalf.

Hire a Discrimination Lawyer in Atlanta GA

If you are being discriminated against at work, it is essential that you talk to an experienced employment lawyer as soon as possible. He or she may review your case and advise you on the best way to proceed. If the lawyer believes you have a strong case, he or she may help you gather the proper evidence, take statements from witnesses and represent you in court. If you have a qualified lawyer on your side, you may feel a peace of mind about your situation.

At Barrett & Farahany, LLP, we understand how difficult it must be to be discriminated against at work. We want to protect your legal rights. If you would like to schedule a free consultation, we encourage you to call us at (404) 238-7299 and speak to a discrimination lawyer in Atlanta GA who can make a difference.

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