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T.C. v. Wen-Robb LLC

February 2023

Barrett & Farahany Part V. Severin Roberts is representing T.C. in a retaliation lawsuit against Wen-Robb LL, a Wendy's Restaurant franchisee. 

The lawsuit alleges that T.C. was fired in an act of retaliation for reporting sexual harassment to Wendy's corporate office. T.C. alleges that she was sexually harassed by a coworker known as “Q” beginning around October 27, 2022, and was told by a manager to consider resigning if she didn't want to work shifts with “Q.” 

T.C. and her mother called Wendy's corporate office to file a sexual harassment complaint on November 29, 2022. The day before, her mother visited the restaurant, where a manager refused to let her speak to “Q” and would not give her the franchise owner's phone number or the corporate office phone number.

The following day, November 30, a manager allegedly told T.C. again that she should consider resigning, as she would still be put on shifts with “Q.” However, T.C. informed the manager she would be at work on December 4. On December 2, T.C. was fired via a text message, as a manager claimed she was a no-call, no-show. 

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