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Documenting Discrimination in the Workplace

Posted by B&F System Admin | Oct 05, 2016

Today's workplace has never been more diverse, and this could mean employees are more likely than ever to face discrimination because of protected issues like religious beliefs, age, gender, race, or national origin. Although discrimination may be obvious, more often it may only be a feeling of having been wronged without clear evidence of anything illegal.

In any case, if you feel you have been discriminated against, you should consult with an Atlanta employment lawyer who is knowledgeable about employee rights and the elements of a successful discrimination claim.

When you talk with one of the experienced employment attorneys at Barrett & Farahany, it will help the attorney if you can provide documentation related to your case.

Documents you will want to gather include the following:

  • Calendar or Journal Entries – Tracking events on a calendar makes it easy to recount incidents on the exact date they took place. Details like time and location are also useful.
  • Your Human Resource File – This file usually includes a history of your performance and documentation of any problems you may have had at work. If your employer is not willing to provide this, an attorney may be able to obtain it once you are represented.
  • Medical and Mental Health Records – Be sure to gather treatment records and provider information if you have been affected physically or mentally as a result of discrimination or harassment at work.
  • Pay Records – Your pay records can help substantiate your timeline of events and can also provide a guideline for any monetary recovery you may be entitled to.
  • Physical Evidence – You should keep everything that may help prove the discrimination or harassment you experienced. Especially important are written or printed material, texts, emails, voice mails, or legally obtained recordings, especially if they were inappropriate, suggestive, or threatening.
  • Names and Contact Information of Witnesses – Make a list of names and contact information for those who witnessed discriminatory behavior toward you. Though it can be can be difficult to get others to come forward on your behalf if they fear for their own jobs, there may be coworkers who would be willing to help with your case.

Atlanta employment lawyers are there to help you protect your rights and ensure you get fair compensation for losses that occurred because of discrimination. Discrimination is more than a nuisance or a conflict of personalities: it is illegal, and there is help available.

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