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O.A. v. Brasfield & Gorrie LP et al.

February 2023

Attorney Ianna Richardson and Associate Attorney Benjamin Rollins of Barrett & Farahany are representing O.A. in a discrimination and retaliation suit against his former employer, Brasfield & Gorrie. 

Recently, Brasfield & Gorrie requested that a Georgia federal judge throw away O.A.'s claims, as they believe that his lawsuit lacks evidence that he received different treatment than his coworkers. 

O.A. alleges that he was treated less favorably than his coworkers due to his national origin and sexuality, including being belittled and subjected to discriminatory comments. Following alleged discriminatory behavior from the general superintendent, O.A. filed a report with human resources.

In September 2022, O.A. was terminated in what the company referred to as a reduction in force. However, O.A. believes he was retaliated against for reporting the general superintendent's discriminatory comments. 

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