Atlanta Man Awarded $3M in Racial Discrimination Hiring Case

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Metro Atlanta Man Awarded $3M in Racial Discrimination Hiring Case

Metro Atlanta Man Awarded $3M in Racial Discrimination Hiring Case

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As It Appeared on Atlanta News First

By Zac Summers

ATLANTA, Ga. (Atlanta News First) – A metro Atlanta man who was denied a job because of the color of his skin is finally getting some justice.

When Kenny Faulk didn’t get a sales job at Dimerco Express in September 2019, he thought it may have been because of a misdemeanor on his record. However, he learned more than a year later it was actually because of the color of his skin.

“I was angry at first,” Faulk said. “I know racism happens, but I didn’t expect them to be so bold with it.”

A former human resources representative at the Taiwan-based global shipping company, with offices in College Park, contacted Faulk. He initially got the job. But the whistleblower later explained that when the president of the company learned Faulk was Black, the company rescinded his offer and gave it to a white man with an extensive criminal record.

“They thought by using the stereotype that only white people will be sold to by white people, that it’d be something that will work for them,” said Amanda Farahany, Faulk’s attorney.

Recently, an Atlanta jury awarded Faulk nearly $3.4 million, concluding that Dimerco Express was guilty of “race-matching.” Faulk’s attorneys provided evidence that showed the company’s founder only wanted to hire white people between the ages of 26-46 to better cater to the American market.

“They knew that this was discrimination,” Farahany said. “They knew that what they were doing was illegal and they chose to do it anyway because they believed they could get away with it.”

Faulk and his attorneys said the verdict sends a message to companies, here and abroad, that racist hiring practices won’t be tolerated in Atlanta.

“It felt gratifying,” said Faulk.

Faulk’s attorneys claim Dimerco Express has not hired a Black person since the whistleblower left the company in 2020. They believe the company continues to practice race-matching.

Dimerco Express did not return Atlanta News First’s request for comment.

Faulk said he plans to start his own trucking company.

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