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CBD & the ADA: Am I Protected?

With the advent of the 2018 Farm Bill that made CBD with less than 0.3% THC legal, and with the burgeoning use...


Over 40 & Considering Severance? Know Your Rights Before You Sign That Release

In addition to protection from age discrimination by the Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA), workers who are over 40 and considering...


Gossip and Rumors at Work: Not as Harmless as You Might Think

Amanda Farahany is featured in Women's Business Daily this week on the the legal implications of workplace gossip. It may seem harmless...


What Women Need to Know About Equal Pay Claims

f you believe you are being paid less than your male counterparts for doing the same work when it's clear you have...

working with cancer

Working with Cancer: What Are Your Rights?

Cancer is a serious affliction. Even when cancer treatment successfully halts the disease, the recovery process can take months or years. In...

paternity leave

Paternity Leave and the Options for Dads

The birth of a child is a major event in a couple’s life. It’s only natural that the arrival of a child...

women and equality in the workplace

The History of Women & Equality in the Workplace

Contrary to widespread belief, women have been employed outside the home since well before the advent of modern times. It is true,...

gender discrimination

The Negative Effects of Gender Discrimination

According to research conducted by Lean In, 73% of women still experience conduct that would be considered bias in the workplace, but...

Different Types of Workplace Harassment

Different Types of Workplace Harassment

There are different forms of harassment in the workplace. While most people might think sexual harassment is the only one, they would...

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