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Being convicted of a crime is a life-changing moment. This can force you to give up your freedom, career, and family. Even after you’ve served your time, getting the life and opportunities you had before you were convicted can be extremely challenging, if not impossible. What makes this even worse is knowing that you are not guilty of the charges you were convicted of. Unfortunately, wrongful convictions are a reality for many people.

Nothing can restore the time that was taken from you while you were imprisoned, even if you’ve since been proven innocent. While we can’t turn back the clock, the wrongful conviction attorneys of Barrett & Farahany can help you fight to get back some of what’s been taken from you.

Lawyers for Wrongful Conviction in Georgia

Common Causes of Wrongful Convictions

Wrongful convictions occur for various reasons. A few common factors that can lead to an individual being wrongfully convicted of a crime include:

Lawyer for Wrongful Conviction in Georgia

Witnesses are not always reliable when attempting to identify suspects. While you can’t always expect someone’s memory to be completely accurate, the trauma of witnessing a crime can sometimes make this even more complicated. Witnesses identifying the wrong person could lead to that individual being wrongly convicted. 

Lawyer for Wrongful Conviction in Georgia

Various forms of police misconduct can result in a wrongful conviction. This can include mishandling evidence, falsifying evidence, witness tampering, and brutality.

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Not all forensic methods are entirely accurate, which can lead to misleading evidence. Forensic errors can occur due to a mistake committed by someone handling forensic evidence. Additionally, some evidence may be falsified. 

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In many cases, an innocent person may confess to a crime they did not commit in an effort to protect themselves. If someone believes confessing to a crime may lead to a lesser charge or lighter sentence, this may seem better than the alternative. Additionally, some may falsely confess to a crime due to police misconduct, such as excessive use of force or threats. 

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Witness perjury could result in the wrong individual being convicted of a crime. This can include informants who lie in exchange for something or individuals who are guilty of committing the crime and lie to get someone else convicted.

If your rights have been violated and you were wrongly convicted of a crime you did not commit, know that you can turn to Barrett & Farahany for the help you need. 

What Damages Can You Receive for a Wrongful Conviction?

You may feel like there’s no way to fully recover from being wrongfully convicted. However, while you may not be able to get back everything that a wrongful conviction has taken from you and your family, you can still receive compensation for some of the damages you experienced. At Barrett & Farahany, we understand how important it is for individuals and families to get compensation to help them get a fresh start after a wrongful conviction.

Our wrongful conviction attorneys can help you fight to obtain various damages for your experience. This includes:

Lost wages

Emotional pain and suffering

Medical bills

Punitive damages

Getting your life back after a wrongful conviction is not easy. With the help of our wrongful conviction attorneys, you can get the compensation you deserve to move on from this painful experience. 

Get Justice for a Wrongful Conviction with Barrett & Farahany

When you’re innocent, you hope that justice will prevail and your freedom will be protected. Of course, this doesn’t only affect the individual who was wrongly convicted but many of their loved ones as well. 

Our wrongful conviction attorneys understand what a difficult time this is for you and your loved ones. We will dedicate ourselves to helping you recover from this injustice. 

Contact our wrongful conviction attorneys in Alabama, Georgia, and Illinois today to find out how we can help. 

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