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Unwanted Workload Reductions Due to Pregnancy

Unwanted Workload Reductions Due to Pregnancy

Although there has been a lot of progress towards eliminating workplace discrimination, some employers still hold the outdated view that pregnant women should not work or that their work should be very limited.

While pregnant women do have the rights to have their work altered to accommodate their changing medical condition and restrictions, they:

  • Are not required to accept workload reductions if they do not want them
  • Are ultimately the ones who have the final say regarding whether they want work reductions and/or whether they take maternity leave.

The PDA, FMLA & Unwanted Workload Reductions

If you have experienced unwanted workload reductions or suspensions due to pregnancy, our Atlanta pregnancy discrimination attorneys can help you defend your rights & obtain justice.

The federal laws pertaining to unwanted workload reductions for pregnant women include the:

  • Pregnancy Discrimination Act, which entitles pregnant women who work for employers with at least 15 employees to the same rights and privileges as that employer grants to temporarily disabled employees. This basically means that, although women have the right to request an altered or reduced workload if an employer would make such accommodations for those who are living with non-pregnancy-related temporary disabilities, these women cannot be forced into accepting workload reductions if they are, in fact, able to do the work required by their job.
  • Family and Medical Leave Act, which mandates that women who qualify for protected leave under this Act have the authority to decide when and/or if they will take maternity leave. In other words, per the FMLA, employers can also not force women to accept reduced or suspended work duties if these women want to (and can) continue working.

Atlanta Pregnancy Discrimination Attorneys at the Law Firm of Barrett & Farahany, LLP

Have you experienced an unwanted reduction of your workload due to being pregnant? Or have you been forced into taking maternity leave? If so, you can rely on the experienced Atlanta pregnancy discrimination attorneys at the Law Firm of Barrett & Farahany, LLP, LLP for:

  • Aggressive legal advocacy and effective help protecting your rights
  • Personalized, responsive legal services – When you trust your claim to the esteemed Atlanta pregnancy discrimination attorneys at the Law Firm of Barrett & Farahany, LLP, you can count on us to involve you in strategy sessions, keep you informed about the progress of your case and successfully represent your interests.
  • Experienced help securing the compensation and justice you likely deserve – At Barrett & Farahany, LLP, we’re willing to take the hard road, turning over every stone along the way, to obtain every piece of evidence and information that’s needed to win your case. Our lawyers are innovative, persistent, and motivated, and they are ready to put their experience, skills and insight to work helping you.

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