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When Should You Call an Executive Compensation Attorney?

Posted by B&F System Admin | Dec 14, 2018

Today's modern business executive is given high levels of responsibility, including handling high-pressure situations and being held accountable for significant portions of company assets, staff and productivity levels. When an experienced business executive plans to leave a comfortable state of employment for another job opportunity, the risk can be great. Some even see the sacrifice of stability and earning potential as a necessary consequence of the career move. Before deciding to accept negative consequences as part and parcel of taking a new position, business executives should contact an experienced executive compensation attorney.

Executive compensation attorneys understand the specific difficulties that come with career changes at an executive level. If you are an executive considering taking a position at a new company, your attorney should be able to help secure agreements with your new employer that protect your short and long-term interests, maximize your compensation, and provide you with the highest possible level of tax efficiency.

You May Need an Executive Compensation Attorney If:

  • You need assistance working out an employee equity deal.
  • You are considering severance or termination agreements.
  • You hope to receive a signing bonus for taking a new, executive-level position.
  • You are worried that you are not being offered a market-based salary commensurate with your experience, skills, industry, and level of responsibility.
  • You seek additional bonus income in addition to the original signing bonus.
  • You need to make sure that you receive competitive benefits (i.e. medical, dental, life insurance, disability coverage, retirement benefits, relocation coverage, vacation/leave time, etc.)

Executives seeking the optimum offer for a new job will find that having an executive compensation attorney on their side is a great advantage. The average executive may change positions one, two or maybe three times. A good executive compensation attorney has assisted numerous executives in changing positions; the combined experience of what to expect, how to negotiate the situation, what to demand, and when to demand it…is invaluable.

If you are a CEO or senior executive and you need help securing a signing bonus or negotiating an executive compensation package, get in touch with Atlanta's Barrett & Farahany as soon as possible so we can help you obtain the compensation you deserve and protect your interests.

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