Pregnancy Discrimination & Temporary Disability

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Pregnancy Discrimination & Temporary Disability

Pregnancy Discrimination & Temporary Disability

If you are planning on getting pregnant, you are pregnant or you were recently pregnant, your employer cannot discriminate against you due to your condition. In fact, federal law requires employers to offer pregnant the same treatment, protections and benefits provided for employees who are not pregnant but who are living with temporary disabilities.

When employers fail to stand up to these obligations, violate pregnant women’s rights and discriminate against them, the Atlanta pregnancy discrimination lawyers at the Law Firm of Barrett & Farahany, LLP, LLP will be ready to help these women, aggressively defending their rights and helping them obtain the justice to which they are entitled.

Pregnancy Discrimination & Temporary Disability: Employer’s Obligations

When employers fail to offer pregnant women the same protections as the temporarily disabled, contact our Atlanta pregnancy discrimination lawyers.

Providing pregnant or recently pregnant employees with the same treatment as is given to those with temporary disabilities can mean that employers are obligated to provide these workers with:

  • Alternative job duties and/or shifts
  • Reduced workloads
  • Medical leave
  • Other benefits provided to temporarily disabled employees.

It’s important to note, however, that the above obligations cannot be forced on pregnant or recently pregnant employees. In other words, while women have the right to request the above accommodations, if they do not want them, employers cannot force them to accept these accommodations.

Pregnancy Discrimination & Temporary Disability: The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)

In addition to having the above protections, pregnant and recently pregnant workers may also enjoy some protections under the American with Disabilities Act (ADA). In fact, when these workers have developed certain pregnancy-related conditions or impairments (such as preeclampsia or gestational diabetes), the ADA can:

  • Make it easier for these employees to establish that they have a medical condition that is considered to be a “covered disability”
  • Require employers to make additional accommodations related to the “disability” in question.

Atlanta Pregnancy Discrimination Lawyers at the Law Firm of Barrett & Farahany, LLP

Has your employer failed to provide you with the pregnancy-related accommodations you need? Or have experienced any type of pregnancy discrimination at work? If so, you can count on the experienced Atlanta pregnancy discrimination lawyers at the Law Firm of Barrett & Farahany, LLP, LLP for aggressive legal advocacy and experienced help pursuing justice.

At Barrett & Farahany, LLP, we are dedicated to helping people protect their rights and hold their employers accountable for violating them. When you trust us to resolve your pregnancy discrimination claim, our Atlanta pregnancy discrimination lawyers will provide you with:

  • Personalized, responsive legal service
  • The best possible representation for your claim
  • Experienced help obtaining the compensation and justice you may deserve.

Our lawyers are innovative, persistent, and motivated, and they are ready to put their experience, skills and insight to work helping you.


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