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JP Consunji - Employment Law Attorney

JP Consunji

Legal Assistant

Jean Paul “JP” V. Consunji is a Paralegal of Barrett and Farahany. He is responsible for keeping in touch with clients and organizing their documents necessary for filing. JP is a dedicated team member who finds fulfillment in every case that is won. As someone who has been in the corporate industry for more than 10 years, he understands and empathizes with clients whose cases are usually very close to home.JP has endeavored in different job roles for the past years. In college, he majored in Biology but followed his passion in the culinary arts and earned his certification successfully. He has also ventured the Call Center Industry as a Phone Representative for 7 years. Being great at what he does, he was flexible enough to master all the technical, customer service and sales part of the business. This experience became vital in how JP expertly handles different clients with different demands. After several years served as a Phone Support Representative, he was determined to pursue his love for photography. Because of his exquisite eye for art, his passion then became a business that gained popularity which even reached clients abroad. Running 9 years now, his photography business still remain in demand up to this day with JP only having to accommodate clients who can meet his free schedule.

JP is a person who is always hungry for adventure. He is also a barefoot ultra marathoner who have braved different types of road with 32 miles as his longest running distance to beat. With all that said, despite the career shifts, chase for passion and business ventures; JP finds fulfillment in being a Paralegal. With Barrett and Farahany, he found a family with the same advocacy of making a difference by helping those who seek justice at work.

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