Unequal Pay Complaint: Barrett Farahany Partner

Law360 Covers Unequal Pay Complaint Represented by Barrett & Farahany Partner V. Severin Roberts

Law360 recently covered a complaint brought by former warehouse worker V.A., who alleges that she was terminated for reporting that she was being paid less than male coworkers doing the same duties. V.A. is being represented by Barrett Farahany partner V. Severin Roberts. You can read the full Law360 article here.

The article discusses that when V.A. discovered she was being paid less than her male coworkers for the same work, she informed the payroll staff of CLS Medical Inc., but was ignored. She later elevated this to the attention of the company’s vice president, who also did not help. V.A. alleges that when she addressed her concerns to the owner of the company, she was mocked and fired that same day for “being disrespectful.”

V.A. is seeking damage for lost wages, emotional distress, humiliation, and other indignities. Her case alleges that her treatment by CLS Medical Inc. violated The Equal Pay Act and Title VII.

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