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The true story below represents the philosophy of our firm, and what motivates us every day to take a stand with our clients on important issues.

“We do it differently here,” Amanda Farahany answered the attorney's question. “Our firm believes that if we turn over every stone, no matter how small or large, we will find the information we need to help our client fight her cause. Each person in our firm has a role in helping do that.”

Amanda brought the case to the Barrett & Farahany team meeting to brainstorm it. “Can you help me and my client,” she asked.

“She was raped.” Farahany's eyes are intense. “And the corporation chose not to take steps to prevent it.”

Ben Barrett, Farahany's partner, listens imagining Farahany standing in front of a jury. “She was the Valedictorian of her high school class. Every authority she went to for help turned her away. They all blame her. This young woman's dreams have been shattered.” Then she adds quietly, “There have been no consequences to anyone else.”

Barrett, with extensive experience in the courtroom, knows it may be tough to get the case to a jury. “What happened to her is wrong, but I don't think a judge will allow it.” “We should take this case,” the team paralegal argues, “because one side has more power than the other side and the people with the power are abusing it. They are trying to sweep this problem under the rug.”

Deciding to take another look, the litigation team splits up to research the law, gather the records and investigate the facts. Farahany and Barrett agonize about the cost of taking a case like this, knowing that the client cannot pay. After soul-searching, they know they have to give their client a voice.

Barrett & Farahany files a lawsuit and immediately the firm is bombarded with threatening letters from the defendants, who can well-afford multiple lawyers and numerous lengthy hearings. The defendants' attorneys threaten severe sanctions against Farahany and Barrett personally if they don't drop the case. The firm realizes that to continue means risking the loss of their firm as well as their personal assets. Their client says she would understand if they quit. They seek the advice of other lawyers who tell them to quit. They discover that the lawyers for the corporation are helping the rapist. Despite the threats, there is no choice. The right thing to do is to press on.

Farahany and Barrett believe that the case must be fought to bring the issue to light. They believe that through their work, corporations will be held accountable and forced to take steps to protect other employees. Their goal is to remedy the power imbalances where they find them. In order to accomplish this mission, the status quo is not acceptable.

The litigation team assembles. Barrett begins running focus groups, determining the issues in the case, learning what potential jurors think about the case and developing the case plan accordingly. As the team gathers evidence, Barrett evaluates the evidence and determines how to overcome the potential landmines in the case. Farahany and Barrett fly across the country to meet with top experts who give them further help. The client participates in each step of the process. The team interviews witnesses, takes depositions, searches court records, contacts other lawyers, reads every bit of information available – turns every stone.

As a result, Barrett & Farahany finds more witnesses who reveal a cover-up and records proving that the events happened the way the client said. The defense starts to unravel. The client feels as though her voice has been heard.

Years pass from the time the Barrett & Farahany litigation team first decided to accept the case. There has been a transformation, changing both the team and the client. The client was empowered by having Barrett & Farahany fight for her cause; through that fight, the client began to heal. Her story will be a part of the public records of the country forever. The case has ended.

As the client says goodbye to the firm, the team assembles at their office in Atlanta to see her go. “I will never forget the type of discipline and commitment that it takes to fight power,” she said, “but I want you to know that because of your firm, I will be able to look back and say that once in my life, I gave everything I had for justice.”

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