How is Human Resources Supposed To Handle Discrimination?

How is Human Resources Supposed To Handle Discrimination?

A human resources department manages employee tasks like hiring and firing. However, they also deal with serious issues like discrimination. Read on as the attorneys at Barrett & Farahany break down the HR's responsibilities.

Role of the HR Department

Employees are often told to go to HR when faced with problems like misconduct, discrimination, harassment, and more. Due to this, many employees are convinced the HR department will do their best to respond to the issue.

Goal of the HR Department

Sadly, the goal of the HR department is to protect the company- not the employee. This means that HR will act to minimize the company’s fault. If disciplinary action can keep things quiet, that’s what they’ll recommend.

Handling Discrimination

Usually, HR handles workplace discrimination by pushing it in the dark, because disciplining employees, managers, and execs casts the employer in a bad light. They may even protect perpetrators if they’re valuable to the company.

Risk Reduction

HR might respond to workplace issues with workshops or warnings that seem to fix the problem but don't tackle the root cause. Employees can feel like HR is addressing the issue, yet these actions rarely deter bad behavior.

Reporting to HR

Nothing digital truly disappears. While physical documents can be shredded, digital records like emails are much harder to delete. Sending an email about workplace discrimination harassment ensures it's on record.

Importance of Records

If HR doesn't resolve your complaint, having it on record helps if you decide to sue or report to the EEOC. Although you can hope for a resolution, it's vital to document everything, especially if the employer fails to act.

When HR Fails to Act

If HR doesn't address your issue, seek legal help. Employers must protect you from discrimination. If they fail, they are liable, and you may be entitled to compensation. Don't stay silent; act to protect your rights.

Did the HR ignore your complaint? Call our attorneys for legal advice. Speak up to defend your rights and get the compensation you deserve for your troubles. Our discrimination lawyers can put on the path to justice.