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Sexual Harassment Lawyer Savannah, GA

How To Handle Sexual Harassment at Work
Sexual Harassment Lawyer Savannah, GANo one who has experienced sexual harassment at work should have to feel the shame and embarrassment that can come with this type of discrimination. Unfortunately, it is common for a victim of harassment to experience these feelings. This can be frustrating, especially when it does not appear as though the person who sexually harassed you has experienced any recourse for their actions. It can be hard to return to work every day to face the person who violated your rights. This is especially true if your employer has not taken measures to mitigate the problem.

Attorneys with experience in this area of practice can help manage negotiations with your employer and take legal action, should you choose to do so. For more information about meeting with a sexual harassment lawyer in Savannah, GA, contact Barrett & Farahany.

Sexual Harassment at Work

Sexual harassment is when someone in makes unwanted advances, sexual requests, or behaves in a sexually inappropriate manner towards another person without their consent. When someone experiences these actions from another coworker — or even a manager — they may notice one or more of the following results:

  • A hostile work environment
  • Uncomfortable interactions
  • Feelings of anxiety or stress
  • Unwillingness to go to work
  • Inability to perform in a way that they did prior to the harassment

Sexual harassment can take on many forms and can vary in terms of severity. Speaking with a sexual harassment lawyer will be important in determining an ideal legal strategy moving forward.

Experiencing sexual harassment at work can feel degrading. It can be hard to come to terms with the fact that you have been treated this way in an environment where you expected to be treated in a professional manner. Consulting with a lawyer in Savannah, GA who manages sexual harassment cases may be in your best interest when looking to take legal action, especially if you have already filed a complaint with your employer.

The Role of Human Resources

Unfortunately, a number of companies mishandle sexual harassment complaints. The first step for filing a legal claim is making sure that you have notified your company’s human resources department about what occurred. It is all too common for an employee to not report the harassment to their employer. Many times, an employee fears that if they report that they have been sexually harassed they could be:

  • Fired
  • Feel further ashamed or uncomfortable
  • Open up the opportunity for office gossip
  • Judged by other employees and members of management
  • Not believed

The role of the human resources department within a company is to play an active role in:

  • Benefit management
  • Hiring, separation and firing of all employees
  • Ensuring that the workplace is safe and compliant with OSHA
  • Compliance with Labor Laws
  • Ensure that staff is trained
  • Manage interpersonal issues that arise or violations of a person’s rights according to the EEOC

Human resources are responsible for taking action in the event that an employee files a sexual harassment complaint. An HR representative plays a vital role in ensuring that the company quickly responds to allegations of sexual harassment. In some situations that are far more contentious, or if the employee’s complaint has fallen on deaf ears, an attorney can help negotiate and advocate for their needs.

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