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Sexual Discrimination in the Workplace and Beyond

Posted by B&F System Admin | Jul 05, 2018

Whether you are obtaining your first job after graduating from college or merely a few years away from retirement, you may experience some form of sexual discrimination in your lifetime. For women, sexual discrimination can be a part of functioning in the world. For hundreds of years, women have been fighting for their right to be treated equally. More recently, the conversation of sexual discrimination has taken a turn to include the rights of people in the transgender community. Whether you are male, female, or transgender, sexual discrimination can be experienced in a variety of settings. If you have experienced some form of sexual discrimination, consulting with an attorney can help you take the proper course of action.

Sexual Discrimination

When a person is treated differently than someone else based on his or her gender they have experienced some form of sexual discrimination. Discrimination against someone because they are transgender, also is included under sexual discrimination. Gender discrimination can take on a number of forms, in a variety of settings. Unfortunately, women will find that they are more prone to experience sexual discrimination than men. Sexual discrimination can range from being blatantly obvious to discreet. At times, spotting discrimination can be tough, especially when it comes from a superior. You may even find yourself making excuses for the behavior of the person who has discriminated against you because it can seem so unbelievable. If you believe that you have experienced discrimination, consulting with an attorney may be a good way to determine your next steps. They will be able to look over your case objectively so that you are able to make an informed decision.

Types of Sexual Discrimination

For many, the sexual discrimination they experienced has been shrouded in secrecy. It is common for sexual mistreatment to go unreported. It can feel shameful and leave a person feeling powerless. This is especially true if the mistreatment was from someone in a powerful position. Thankfully, an attorney who is experienced can help you identify whether or not you have a case for sexual discrimination. Sexual discrimination can take place in a number of ways including:

  • It is common to make assumptions of a job position based on a person's gender. Rather than assume or hire only secretaries, personal assistants or dental hygienists that are female, employers must hire someone based on their experience and education.
  • Not receiving a promotion as a qualified candidate because of gender.
  • Paying two qualified people different pay based on their gender.
  • Not hiring someone because of his or her gender.
  • Asking someone questions geared towards duties in the home surrounding caring for a child based on common gender roles played by a man and woman.

Taking Legal Action

Enduring a lawsuit for sexual discrimination can be a stressful and lengthy process to endure. It can be complicated to figure out the best way to pursue a lawsuit after experiencing sexual discrimination. An attorney's support will be necessary in protecting your rights, determining the appropriate paperwork to file and providing you with representation throughout the legal process.

To experience sexual discrimination can be shocking. It can be hard to come to terms with the fact that our society is not as far along as we like to think. The harsh reality being, the experience of sexual discrimination seems to be an unspoken club that so many are a part of. By retaining the services of a sex discrimination lawyer you can ensure that your rights are protected in the event that you choose to take legal action.

If you are experiencing any issues in relation to this please reach out to Barrett & Farahany LLP for our knowledge about sexual discrimination.

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