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Rachel Goldberg Perlis

Rachel Goldberg Perlis is an associate at Barrett & Farahany who previously practiced from the defense side and is eager to use her skills and experience to help people. Rachel was inspired to switch to the plaintiff's side to help employees fight against employers that often have the unfair advantage. 

Rachel is a “Double Dawg” having graduated from the University of Georgia, magna cum laude, and the University of Georgia School of Law where she served as a top negotiator successfully representing UGA Law in national negotiation competitions. While in law school Rachel spent a semester in Washington D.C. working for USAID as well as interning at the 11th Circuit and with the Atlanta Legal Aid Society. These experiences shaped Rachel's desire to help disadvantaged individuals whether that be through litigation or social and economic issue advocacy.

After law school Rachel clerked for the Hon. John Simpson, Chief Judge of the Coweta Judicial Circuit. She spent significant time in the courtroom and relies on this experience to guide her writing and litigation strategy. While clerking she observed first-hand the obstacles impacting the underserved areas of Georgia and strives to use her skills to help Georgians overcome these obstacles in her day-to-day practice and as a volunteer with the Atlanta Legal Aid Society. 

As a defense lawyer, Rachel represented insurance companies and employers in premises liability and EEOC suits. She learned how to defeat lawsuits, often drafting successful motions for summary judgment. This experience informs her practice as an associate with B&F allowing her to utilize her knowledge of defense litigation tactics to better serve her clients. Prior to joining B&F Rachel also served as a Staff Attorney with the Georgia Government Transparency and Campaign Finance Commission where she regulated and enforced state campaign finance law. She successfully alleged campaign finance violations against multiple state level office holders including an ex-state legislator who misused significant amounts of campaign funds after leaving office. While Rachel enjoyed being in the thick of Georgia politics her desire to advocate for people that have been wronged led her to join the B&F team. She remains an advocate for oversight of state politics and continues to seek opportunities to initiate change through legislation and policy.

Rachel is licensed to practice law in all Georgia courts and is an active member of the Young Lawyers Division of the Georgia Bar as well as the Atlanta Bar Association.

Rachel grew up in Marietta, GA and enjoys playing tennis and discovering new parts of Atlanta with her husband and two labs, Chief and Disco. Rachel and her husband sponsor the Neranenah Concert and Culture series and actively support live music wherever they can find it.


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