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Atlanta Overtime Examples

There are countless misconceptions about overtime law.  In order to keep you better informed on how it applies to you and your situation, we are providing examples of overtime cases based on real scenarios.  The names and companies are changed to protect the privacy of our clients.

Overtime laws are tricky and it is up to the Human Resource departments in companies to make sure they comply with the FLSA.  Many companies don’t know or don’t want to know the regulations on classifying employees as exempt or non-exempt in regards to overtime, this is no excuse.  One of the most common misconceptions is with salaried employees.  Very few salaried employees realize they are actually entitled to overtime pay for the hours they work outside of the 40 hour work week.  The examples are created to show in more detail what is required to be considered exempt from overtime pay.

  1. Overtime and Product Managers

The job titles have been chosen based on the most commonly misunderstood cases of overtime.  If you feel that any of these examples describe your situation, call us immediately.  We can help you discuss getting compensation from your current employer or how to recover lost wages from a previous employer.  You did the time, you deserve the pay!


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