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Workers Who Cry Foul Seldom Get a Day in Court

Barrett & Farahany publish the results of a two year study on employment discrimination cases in the Atlanta federal courts.  The AJC investigated the cases underlying the study and published its findings.  Click here to see the front page AJC article from October 2013.

Should Your Boss Have Your Social Media Password?

Amanda Farahany gives advice on Fox 5 news. Click here to watch the interview.  April 23, 2013

Fired for Being Female?

Client Andrea Ariza featured on NBC 11 Alive News. Amanda Farahany says ” we see retaliation cases more than any other kind of case.” For more details please listen to the news feature. March 21, 2013

Rome Mother Fired for Facebook Post

On February 5, 2013,  CBS Atlanta interviewed Amanda Farahany regarding a mother who was fired for a post she put on Facebook.  See the story by clicking here.

Federal Agency rules Facebook posts protected by free speech

Facebook can be lots of fun –until your wall postings cause you to lose your job. See what Amanda Farahany had to say about this to  CBS Atlanta. January 22, 2013

Amanda Farahany: News

Amanda Farahany is regularly sought out by the media to comment on issues regarding employees and as an advocate for women’s issues.

During the 2011 snowstorm in Atlanta, when the news station sought expert advice for employees, CBS Atlanta and Fox 5 sought out  Amanda Farahany to give guidance to employees on their rights.  See the videos and stories below.

Who Pays for Work Missed Due to Weather? Good Day Atlanta Fox 5 January 18, 2011

Employees Fired for Calling Out During Snowstorm – CBS Atlanta News, January 14, 2011

Can’t Make it to Work? Know your Rights  – Fox 5 News, January 12, 2011

Former Atlanta Executive Wins $1.5 Million Dollar Verdict

Amanda A. Farahany and Benjamin Barrett achieve a positive result for their client, proving that what his employer had said was false and winning the largest verdict in Georgia for a single plaintiff in a libel case. Read More…

What To Do When Losing Your Job

CBS Atlanta – 2009 Attorney Amanda A. Farahany was recently featured on CBS Atlanta News to reveal a Survival Guide for 24 Hours After Losing your Job.


A Rash of Problems Over Job References, National Law Journal, March 2008

The National Law Journal reported that employers are increasingly landing in court over job references.    Some employers are requiring waivers from potential applicants.  The National Law Journal interviewed Amanda A. Farahany about her experience with both waivers and the employment cases arising from references.

The trouble with keeping mum

But limiting reference information can lead to trouble as well.

Farahany noted that the say-nothing approach has led to more sexual harassment lawsuits in the workplace. Previous employers are being sued for not disclosing an employee’s sexual harassment history, while new employers are getting sued for hiring a person with a troubled past.

Farahany is currently involved in that kind of a case against two employers. She is representing the plaintiff who is suing a Georgia school district for giving a positive reference for a teacher who had a criminal conviction and went on to teach at another school, where the teacher allegedly raped a student.

“It’s an employer’s duty to provide a safe workplace,” Farahany said.

“When we hire, that’s what we do. We get a waiver from the individual and we contact every employer. Some employers have refused to talk to us without the waiver,” said Amanda Farahany, an employee rights attorney at Atlanta’s Barrett & Farahany.


Virginia Tech Massacre

In the wake of the Virginia Tech shootings, syndicated columnist Armstrong Williams discusses campus crimes, referring specially to the work of Barrett & Farahany in the past.

“Atlanta lawyer Amanda Farahany was hired several years ago by a student at Mercer University in Macon, Georgia who was allegedly raped on campus but could not get the police to prosecute because the school would not cooperate and turn over incident reports and other findings. Farahany discovered firsthand while representing this student that statistics provided in the campus crime log didn’t match the school’s crime reports. “We know that one in four college women are a victim of sexual assault. When universities are reporting zero rapes on campus, we know that just isn’t possible,” Farahany said, citing several surveys, including a 1991 study of 7,000 college students by researchers Mary Koss and Mary Harvey. The point is that we have some work to do.”

See entire article at:

Yale Student: School Didn’t Keep Me Safe

ABC News, May 9, 2006

Undergraduate Sues Ivy League School and Her Assailant for $20 Million, Claiming Breaches in Yale’s Security

ABC News requests that Ms. Farahany, who specializes in representing victims of sexual assault on campus, comment on the recent filing of a lawsuit against Yale University.

Lawyers Sing and Dance in a Courthouse Line VI, Fulton County Daily Report, October 11, 2005

Fraternity Lawsuits Becoming More Common, Lawyers Weekly, March 16, 2005

Open the books, Atlanta Journal Constitution, March 18, 2005

Ohio University deserves praise for encouraging rape reporting, The Athens News, January 27, 2005

Your Job and the Law, LawCall, ABC 22, December 5, 2004

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How Will the New Overtime Rules Affect You? Workforce Management and Monster, August 2004

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Overtime Pain and Gain, Workforce Management, April 2004

Jesus in America, U.S. News and World Report, December 2003

Premises Liability Seeks Business/Property Owners, Atlanta Business Chronicle, June 2003

Amanda Farahany drains a putt in the Law Related Education’s Annual Golf Tournament, State Bar of Georgia Newsletter, 2003 p. 6.

What To Do When You Are Fired, Layman’s Lawyer, WPBA TV Channel 30, Atlanta, GA   2002

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