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Micah J. Barry

Micah Barry developed a passion for advocacy and the law through his lived experience in college.  Although Micah started college at age 15, he experienced severe health problems at age 18 that resulted in him using a powered wheelchair for a few years.  At the time, disability rights law was still developing, and Micah regularly clashed with administration at The Ohio State University.  His advocacy on behalf of himself and other students earned him a meeting with the then director of student life, and his wheelchair would not fit through the doorway to her office.  While his graduation was delayed by the experience, Micah graduated with a double major in Philosophy and Political Science.After undergrad, Micah attended law school at the University of Toledo.  At Toledo, Micah served on the Toledo Law Review, where he was first published on the topic of disability rights in education, employment, and public accommodations.  Micah graduated law school early, magna cum laude, and was inducted into the Order of the Coif.Micah followed family down to the Atlanta area and passed the Georgia bar.  Micah then practiced employment law full time and quickly rose to be a supervising attorney.  As an employee-side litigator, Micah vigorously represented everyone from blue-collar workers to white-collar executives at Fortune-100 companies.  Micah also appeared in the local news on multiple occasions in high-profile cases, and even national outlets reported on some of his cases.In 2018, Micah left the firm he worked at and started his own litigation consulting firm while he pursued his PhD at the University of Georgia.  Micah earned his PhD in Educational Administration and Policy in three years, while working an assistantship and operating his consulting firm.  During this time, Micah published multiple articles on law and policy affecting teachers, professors, and other educational employees.  After getting his PhD, Micah spent a year teaching at the University of North Georgia.  Although he enjoyed his time publishing and teaching, academia did not provide the same fulfillment as helping secure justice for people who have been wronged by their employers.  Seeking to make a real difference, Micah joined Barrett & Farahany in 2022.

In his free time, Micah enjoys spending time with his wife, Samantha, and their dog, Annie.  During football season, Micah roots for Ohio State, Toledo, and Georgia (usually in that order) and enjoys a healthy rivalry with his wife, an Alabama fan.  Micah – more or less a complete nerd – also enjoys a variety of science fiction and hosts an ongoing game of Dungeons and Dragons with his friends.



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