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Injuries Causing Paralysis or Amputation

Paralysis or amputation will change everything in your life. These cases are of extreme importance because it is not just about what happened in the past, it is about the victim's immediate medical needs and their long-term future. We're connected with experts who can determine the full extent and impact of your catastrophic injury and provide you the proper representation.


The loss of one's mobility and independence is an extremely traumatic event. Spinal cord injury victims often require extensive rehabilitative care and suffer various medical complications, including shortened life spans. Patients are at a very high risk of suicide in the first 10 years following an accident.

The National Spinal Cord Injury Statistics Center reports that the average medical cost of a spinal cord injury is more than $200,000 (as high as $600,000 for victims suffering from full quadriplegia). Treatment and rehabilitation costs for subsequent years range from $14,000 to $120,000 depending on the severity of the injury.


Medical providers are sometimes forced to remove a limb to stop the spread of infection, disease, or to stop uncontrollable bleeding. Amputees often suffer severe emotional trauma. Amputee or dismemberment accident victims also typically need very strong pain management medication, mental health counseling, and extensive hospitalization and rehabilitation to cope with the devastating effects of these injuries.

It is likely that someone who has gone through an amputation will need a prosthetic. Technology changes quickly, and the prosthetic arm or leg of today may become obsolete tomorrow. Most patients need replacements every 5 to 10 years. Our professional network of prosthetic manufacturers and personal injury attorneys can help determine the full extent of costs, and help hold the party responsible to take care of the victim for the rest of their life.


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