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FMLA lawyer Savannah, GA Discusses Pregnancy Discrimination 

FMLA lawyer Savannah, GAThose who recently had a baby, are currently pregnant, or enduring a pregnancy-related condition must know their rights as an employee. Being aware of what rights you have can help you identify if pregnancy discrimination may be happening to you. An employer may not treat a worker in a different manner simply due to their pregnancy or health status. Sometimes, workers do not know the full extent of their rights, and may not even realize when discrimination has occurred.

Here in this article, an FMLA lawyer from Barrett & Farahany has listed ten pregnancy discrimination rights that your employer must follow. If for any reason you are not receiving these rights, you should consult with an FMLA lawyer in Savannah GA. By the time our clients seek our help for discrimination, more than one incident has already happened. We can help you stop it now before it continues.

  1. An employer cannot request medical documentation from a pregnant worker’s physician regarding her work status if similar paperwork from the doctor of a worker with another form of disability is not required.
  2. An employer must permit pregnant workers who are on leave the same ability to gain vacation time, seniority, wage increases, or disability benefits as those on a different form of leave.
  3. An employer must offer the same degree of health insurance benefits for pregnancy-related conditions as those with other medical conditions.
  4. An employer cannot treat an employee different who recently had an abortion or is considering having an abortion.
  5. An employer must hold the job of an employee on pregnancy leave for the same duration of time as those on another form of disability or sick leave.
  6. An employer must provide the same degree of medical coverage for women who are pregnant while either single or married.
  7. An employer cannot treat a worker differently due to possibly becoming pregnant at some point during their employment.
  8. An employer cannot prohibit a worker from performing certain job tasks if they were deemed capable and do not have any restrictions.
  9. An employer cannot demand that a worker provides notice of their pregnancy unless for a legitimate business reason.
  10. An employer cannot refuse a promotion, discourage a wage increase, or deny a hire due to the worker’s gender, pregnancy, or pregnancy-related condition.

Examples of Pregnancy Discrimination

Another example of discrimination is if, during the interview process, an employer asks you gender-oriented questions or inquires about if you plan on using maternity leave at any point during your employment.

If your employer makes statements or implications about how your pregnancy has impacted a promotional or raise decision, you should seek the help of a Savannah, GA FMLA lawyer immediately.

If for any reason you are unsure about whether an incident is considered pregnancy discrimination or not, you can turn to an FMLA lawyer Savannah, GA clients recommend from Barrett & Farahany for legal insight. Even if what happened to you does not match any of the above-listed scenarios, it may still be considered pregnancy discrimination.

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