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Excessive Force Violations

No one wants to have a negative interaction with law enforcement, but most people will encounter the police at some point in their lives. Hopefully, it will be a situation where you initiate the contact. However, there are times when police decide that a person's actions necessitate taking them into custody. Most police officers are respectful, are concerned with your safety, and do not intend to violate your rights. They want interactions with citizens to be peaceful and uneventful - this is in their best interest and yours.

Regrettably, interactions with the police are not always simple and may devolve into a situation where excessive force comes into play. Excessive force can lead to injury or death, as has become very clear from recent high-profile cases.

If police use excessive force when arresting you, you can take legal action against them. Excessive force is against the law.

Our attorneys know the laws and are ready to help you if you think police have used excessive force and injured you. If a loved one has died in custody, we are ready to take action on the behalf of survivors, as we do with any wrongful death case.


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