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Sexual Orientation Discrimination in the Workplace

Employee Discrimination Lawyer Atlanta, GAAs an employee discrimination lawyer Atlanta, GA residents recommend understands, sexual orientation discrimination is defined as any form of differential treatment or harassment toward an individual based on his or her sexual orientation. Regardless if an individual is simply perceived as lesbian, gay, heterosexual, or bi-sexual, discrimination against them is illegal by federal law.

If you or someone you know has been rejected as a potential employee, discriminated against by an employer based on sexual orientation in any way, or fired because of their perceived sexual orientation, please do not hesitate to reach out to Barrett & Farahany, LLP. Our firm has more than 15 years of experience fighting employers for the compensation gender discrimination victims deserve. We will do our very best to ensure you receive the compensation you deserve against your employer for the heinous discrimination placed against you.

An Atlanta, GA employee discrimination lawyer understands that federal laws protect your right as an individual to work in a prejudice-free environment. There are even laws specific to your state that prohibit employers from discrimination when promoting, hiring, terminating, or compensating their employees because of her or his sexual orientation. These laws also make it illegal for employers to make any decisions about employees based on ungrounded stereotypes. This includes an individual’s performance capability, skill sets, traits, and abilities. With Barrett & Farahany, LLP you can rely on each employee discrimination lawyer Atlanta, GA clients depend on to apply their diligence and experience to see your case through.

Different Ways You May Have Been Discriminated Against

As an employee discrimination lawyer Atlanta, GA workers trust can explain, there are many different ways that you can be discriminated against at work. Below is a list of the most common ways.

1. Jokes jabs at the expense of your sexual orientation are typically considered to be harassment. Harassment in the workplace is defined as any situation in which another individual makes you feel degraded, humiliated, or offended. Courts have held slurs and jokes as a form of discrimination under the law in the past, so if you are experiencing teasing you should check if your specific state’s laws cover it.

2. Discreet discrimination occurs when an employer treats you unfairly in contrast to another employee. This is typically the case when a potential job applicant is the best candidate out of all who applied but is denied the job based on his or her perceived sexual orientation.

3. Indiscreet discrimination, however, occurs when an employer or business has a policy that applies to everyone but people of a certain sexual orientation. An example of this is an employer allowing heterosexual employees to place pictures of their spouses on their work desks, but not homosexual employees

4. Victimization can occur if an employee files a complaint against another employee for harassing them for his or her sexual orientation. The employer can tell the harassed employee that they should not get so hurt over rude comments and to stop playing the victim, thus denying punishment to the accused employee.

An employee discrimination lawyer Atlanta, GA locals rely on can go over the details of your case and determine if you have suffered discrimination based on the requirements of the law.

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