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Sexual Discrimination in the Workplace

Discrimination Lawyer in Atlanta GAAs a discrimination lawyer in Atlanta GA might explain, sexual discrimination in the workplace happens when someone is treated unfavorably due to their sex, gender identity, transgender status, or sexual orientation. The law protects people when it comes to all aspects of employment, including firing, hiring, pay scale, job tasks, promotions, layoffs, benefits, training and any other aspect of work. When an employee’s rights are violated, they may need to hire a discrimination lawyer in Atlanta GA to get the justice they deserve.

What is the Difference Between Sex Discrimination and Sexual Harassment?
A discrimination lawyer in Atlanta GA can define this in greater detail, however, the main differences between these two topics are as such:

1. Sexual Discrimination: when a person and/or group of employees are not treated fairly based on their sex and creates an environment of inequality between men and women.
2. Sexual Harassment: unwelcome requests, advances, favors, and physical or verbal behavior of a sexual essence that is implicit or explicit. These acts then can interfere with the employee’s quality of work or results in an environment that is offensive and hostile.

What Signs Can I Look Out For?
A discrimination lawyer in Atlanta GA might point out that sexual discrimination in the workplace may have occurred if any of the following scenarios apply:

  • Your employer gives medical benefits to wives of male coworkers, but refrains from awarding this same coverage to husbands of female coworkers.
  • Your boss has said you or someone else is not well-suited for promotion or change in job title due to not having the desired leadership style, when those of the opposite sex do have the “right” style.
  • You receive above average reviews of your job performance consistently, however are consistently passed over and those who are less qualified are chosen for promotion, raises, or bonuses.
  • Staff members of the same job title are paid differently, and the difference seems to only be based on their gender.

Does Sexual Discrimination Apply to Other Situations?
Sexual discrimination laws also cover those who are treated poorly due to being transgender, maintaining a LGBT status, or based on their sexual orientation. A policy that negatively impacts those of a specific sex but is not related to business operation or job tasks is considered illegal. If you suspect this describes your workplace, you may benefit from contacting a discrimination lawyer Atlanta GA victims turn to in similar circumstances.

Common Sexual Discrimination Incidents
The most common types of events that happen in the workplace surrounding sexual discrimination can include one or many of the following:

  • Wrongful Termination
  • Policies and Promotions of Discriminatory Influence
  • Gender Pay Gaps
  • Wage Violations
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Retaliation of Reported Discrimination

What Should I Do Next?
Many people who believe they are victims of sexual discrimination choose to seek the legal advice of an Atlanta discrimination lawyer. Most law practices offer a free initial evaluation of your case if you are a new client. This is an opportunity to see if filing a sexual discrimination lawsuit against your employer or company is the right decision for you.

Every person has the right to work in a safe and non-discriminatory work environment. Unfortunately, this is not always the case for many employees. Knowing your rights can help you feel empowered to seek justice. By becoming knowledgeable and taking the necessary steps, you can attempt to hold your employer accountable for his or her actions in the workplace.

Thank you to the discrimination lawyer in Atlanta GA from Barrett & Farahany for their information on sexual discrimination in the workplace.

Religious Discrimination in the Workplace
A trusted discrimination lawyer in Atlanta Georgia knows that religious discrimination is defined as unfair treatment against an individual because of their religious beliefs, perceived religion, religious holidays, religious attire, and his or her request for reasonable accommodation for their religious practices. Religion discrimination also includes the mistreatment of individuals due to his or her lack of religious practices or beliefs.
Federal law not only protects those who practice traditional religions, but those who have religious, moral, or ethical beliefs. These laws also make it illegal for employers to make decisions about employees based on ungrounded stereotypes. This includes abilities, performance capability, and traits.

With Barrett & Farahany, LLP you can rely on our diligence and experience to see your case through. If you or someone you know has been fired, rejected as a potential employee, or discriminated against in some way based on the religion that is chosen to follow, please do not hesitate to reach out to a dependable discrimination lawyer in Atlanta GA from our firm. We have more than 15 years of experience fighting employers for the compensation religion discrimination victims deserve. Each Atlanta, GA discrimination lawyer will do our very best to ensure you receive the compensation you deserve against your employer for the heinous discrimination placed against you.

Reasonable Accommodation Discrimination
A discrimination lawyer in Atlanta GA may advise you that if there is a religious holiday approaching, you should always let your employer know as far in advance as you can so that you can work out having the day off. By law, employers are required to provide their employees with reasonable accommodation unless it brings about “undue hardship” on their business. If your employer is discriminating you because of your religion and refuses to give you the day off simply because it is your religious holiday, they can claim undue hardship because the seniority system would have to be changed to accommodate your religious holiday. They can also claim that this, in turn, would deny an employee with higher seniority a requested day off.

You should consider us at Barrett & Farahany, LLP to represent you in your discrimination claim because your discrimination lawyer in Atlanta GA will demand proof from your employer than another employee with seniority requested the day off in advance.

This is the case as well if you practice religious attire as well. If you wear a turban, hijab, or a yarmulke, it is not unjust of you to ask your employer to accommodate your clothing. Your employer may try to deny you your legal right to wear your religious attire on the job because they are concerned that they will lose customers.

Refusing to hire or promote, assign work, or give a raise to an individual because of his or her coworkers or customers may be slightly uncomfortable with the individual’s religion is illegal. If your employer denies or prevents you from wearing religious clothing, your employer will need to provide proof that allowing you to wear your religious clothing would impose an undue hardship on the business as a whole, otherwise, they could face serious penalties from the court following your claim.

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