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Diana Howe

Diana L. Howe is a paralegal at Barrett & Farahany. Throughout the life of a legal matter Diana is the point of contact for the client. She is involved from the initial engagement through the final disposition of the case. Diana ensures that the client's engagement is set up smoothly by gathering relevant facts and documentation from the client to best prepare them for legal representation.

Diana prepares litigation documents, including complaints, discovery requests, discovery responses, and various motions, responses, and notices. She is responsible for e-filing and saving all pleadings while ensuring that deadlines are met.

Diana assists with scheduling depositions and meetings to help the client be prepared. If a matter goes to trial, she assists with all facets of preparing for the trial. She also will attend the proceedings to assist.

If a case is appealed, Diana makes sure all deadlines are met, briefs are completed and filed, and served as required by the rules of the appellate court.

When a matter settles, she ensures that the client executes all the necessary documents and that the matter is dismissed with the proper court or agency.

Before joining Barrett & Farahany in 2020, Diana served as a paralegal at two other law firms and as a legal assistant at a third.

Diana earned her Master of Arts in Forensic Psychology from Argosy University and her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology & Criminology from the University of Maryland College Park.



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