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Client Testimonials


I want to express my extreme satisfaction with the very high level of professionalism and skill that I've experienced from everyone who has been handling my case. The thoroughness and detail in the documents that have been submitted to the court are very impressive. I can tell that the lawyers involved in my case (A.J. Lakraj and Benjamin Stark) are very committed to what they do and put a great deal of thought into their decisions. Diana Howe has also been of great help and is always exceptionally quick in returning e-mails to me.

What I like best about my experience with this firm and the staff mentioned is that I feel like my opinions are valued. Even though I probably express those opinions/thoughts far too often and ask a ton of questions, I always get the answers I need. I am very thankful for that. My thoughts on the case aren't just simply ignored or labeled as unimportant. The attorneys actually give them thought and weigh them against the case to determine how effective they would be. I feel like a part of the process and not just stuck sitting on the sidelines while someone else makes all the decisions.

Even if my case doesn't conclude in my favor I would still speak highly of those who have been working with me. I don't believe it could be done any better.

I would absolutely recommend this firm to anyone else. Especially if the quality of service and professionalism provided by A.J., Benjamin and Diana is equal to all of those employed by the firm.

– R.C.


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