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Amy C. Sillmon

Amy Sillmon is an Associate with Barrett & Farahany. Raised in Birmingham, Ala., Amy attended Emory University, studying philosophy. She went to law school at Vanderbilt University and is licensed to practice law in Alabama. Early in her career, Amy assisted municipalities and other political subdivisions of the state with administration, regulation and financing for infrastructure improvements as a specialist in administrative law. Over time, Amy found herself drawn to employment law. She enjoys helping others and finding solutions to make employees feel heard and validated. Her legal background spans managing labor and employment law matters, rulemaking and adjudication and enforcement of regulatory agendas. Most recently, Amy spent the past eight years focusing on her family and raising three sons, all while also working as a contract attorney. “My family has given me a new perspective on the art and value of listening, collaboration and issue resolution,” she said. Amy is a member of the Alabama State Bar, the Emory Alumni Association and the Vanderbilt Law Alumni Association. She is a Georgia Office of Dispute Resolution registered neutral.


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