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The History of Women & Equality in the Workplace

By Barrett & Farahany LLP |

Contrary to widespread belief, women have been employed outside the home well before the advent of modern times. It is true, however, that the scope of their employment has been subject to dramatic changes over the centuries. Often, the progress made by one generation was scaled back in the next, only to undergo a resurgence…..Read More »

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Millennial Employees More Likely to Recognize Discrimination in the Workplace

By Barrett & Farahany LLP |

It seems as though every generation spends time fretting about their successors—that is, the people who will one day replace them as society’s movers and shakers. The so-called “Greatest Generation” of World War II gave way to “Baby Boomers” who shaped the ’60s culture. The Boomers in turn handed the stage over to “Generation X,”…..Read More »

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