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Reasons Why Employers Should Practice Good Documentation in the Office

By Barrett & Farahany LLP |

When illegal termination cases and similar kinds of employment disputes reach the courts, the proceedings often turn into a parade of mutual recriminations. The employee believes there was unfair treatment by the employer. The employer feels it did everything it reasonably could to help the employee become a productive worker. In many cases, the court’s…..Read More »

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How to Know if You Were Illegally Fired from Your Job

By Barrett & Farahany LLP |

Getting fired from a job is an unpleasant experience, particularly when an employer decides to terminate without warning. Abrupt termination not only means job loss, but frequently it may also mean little preparation for the newly acquired status of job seeker. It’s understandable for a terminated employee to feel wronged and to wonder if the…..Read More »

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